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MSBespoke was founded in 2022 by Syafiq during his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering. It all started when he was given a watch by his father, and he developed a profound interest in leather and watches while looking for the appropriate strap replacement for his sentimental timepiece.


Syafiq started MSBespoke as a one man show and run the business from his bedroom, handling all part of the operation including strap making. The process of designing and creating a watch strap is primarily self-taught and involves a lot of trial and error.


In October 2023, we managed to move to a new workspace, while having additional two apprentice working in-house. Our goal is to embody the rich heritage of local craftsmanship and carry the essense of Malaysia, from designing to the final touch.

MSBespoke Straps have found homes with watch enthusiasts all over the world and we are totally grateful for the support we have received since day 1.

Thank you to all for being part of our journey!